About Deveron

Deveron Li Puma is an interdisciplinary artist who had a deep interest in geometry. After the first time he got inspired by the feeling that geometry could give, he decided to do more research into geometry and found that geometry is all around us. From quantum physics to the cosmos, everywhere are mathematics equations. Pythagoras and sciences forms a great inspiration for him. Li Puma got fascinated by old historic buildings that alter his feeling when inside. That positive and open feeling is the vision of Li Puma, Creating that feeling in different surroundings.

Motion is captured in Li Puma’s work true-out different techniques and colors. The colors mostly used are bright and colorful. State of the art machinery, like lasercutters, are off great interest of Li Puma. This new technology creates a whole new world off possibilities. Li Puma often use different kinds of technology to create the high level of precision in his works, combined with all kinds of acrylic painting techniques. Giving a feel to mathematics equations.


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